Create Your OWN Special Tattoo Designs !!

Design Your Own Tattoo and Temporary Tattoos

Do You Want To Be Stuck With The
WRONG Tattoo For The Rest Of Your Life........??

Tattoo Director Lets You Create Your Own Unique, Custom Tattoo Designs
Quickly & Easily!

Dolphin Tattoo Monster Tattoo
Here are two Tattoo Director customizations that recently went to ink.

You Can Be Creating Your Own Tattoo Art "Right Now"
  With TATTOO DIRECTOR you can:
  • Have your own, unique tattoo!
  • Create new designs quickly & easily!
  • Add, change, re-arrange your designs!
  • Never have to worry about getting the wrong tattoo!
  • Print a tempoary tattoo
  • Create custom fonts
  • Print your perfect tattoo for your favorite tattoo artist
  • Combine multiple images and text for a tattoo sleeve design
  • Design tattoos for your friends

Print Temporary Tattoos on Temporary Tattoo Paper

That’s why Tattoo Director is so great, once you have your basic idea you can open up Tattoo Director and add images, color them as you like, change the size, add your favorite text fonts, and other designs together to make a personal. composite or just work on one tattoo.This lets you to kind of live with them for a while before the needle hits your skin!
Here are some renderings from a few of our Tattoo Director artists
Butterfly TattooSnake TattooDorado TattooParrot Fish
Skull and Snake TattooGirl TattooTuna TattooCobra Tattoo




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Check out the video and see for yourself what Tattoo Director can do!
Tattoo Director can create: tattoo art, tattoo designs, temporary tattoos, skull tattoos,cross tattoos, text tattoos, lower back tattoos, dragon tattoos, animal tattoos, arm tattoos, Japanese tattoos, flower tattoos, tribal, and many more.
Choose From Hundreds Of Line Art Drawings, Add Tattoo Ink Colors From The Color Palette, Choose The Text From Our Font Library, Change The Text Color, Try It Out With Temporary Before The Real Thing, Add Multiple Tattoo Images To Create a Collage, Print or Save To Disc For Your Tattoo Artist.

Some happy customers

" I just wanted to let you know that my girlfriend and I are having a great time creating our
second tattoos. I will send an email with the ink job when it is finished. What I like the most is the
ability to try out different color schemes and like you say live with it for a while to make sure that
I can live with it for the rest of my life. Can't wait to get the new images when they are ready,
keep up the good work" -Chuck Ciociola

"Yo, A.J., this is a cool program. My only problem is now all my friends want to use my Tattoo Director
and I have to kick them out of my house at night" - Alex Rodriques

"I like the multiple layers function, I'm doing a tat now with 5 layers" - Richard Dressler
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