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Tribal Tattoos


The modern day tribal tattoos have been the product which has been greatly influenced by the native and indigenous tribes of the ancient times. The art of tribal tattoos comes from the various tribes of the olden times, such as, the Celtics in Ireland, Scotland, & Wales, the Maori Tribe who are the indigenous people of New Zealand, the North American Tribal, the African Tribal, and the Marquesan who are the Polynesian inhabitants of the Marquises Islands, and the tribes of Borneo. Brief descriptions of some of these are given below:

Celtic Tattoos:

The Celtics were the ancient tribe from Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The design of knotted Celtic tattoos has become most popular, and they are the common designs as seen today. The design of these tattoos features a never ending loop which had no end, signifying the never ending cycle of dying and re-birth. Amongst the Celtic tattoos there are designs which depict cross and animals as well.

Mori Tribal Tattoos:

The Mori tribe is the aborigines of New Zealand. Tattoos created by the Mori tribe are called 'Moko' and they are a part of Mori culture. Tattoos are awarded to a tribesman during the various celebrations that are held to mark events in his or her life. For example, when a child is born and reaches the age of adolescence, he or she is marked with a tattoo signifying this event. A tattoo is also awarded to a tribesman for bravery, and the person with increased number of tattoos has a high status within the tribe. These tattoos have incredible designs, and have become very popular in the western world.


North American Tribal Tattoos:

The Indian tribes in North America have various tattoos which belong to their different traditions. It was a common practice for the tribes to denote the rank of a tribesman within the tribe by tattoos. For example, the Illinois Indians would mark their men with tattoos depicting weapons of war, and it is said that some of the women would receive tattoos which are in the form of tools of labor.

Borneo Tribal Tattoo:

The people of Borneo believe that their life and the environment are controlled by the spirits of the island they live in. These are the Dayak people residing in the third largest island in the world. The tattoos that the Dayak people used are mainly in the form of objects or creatures, marked on their bodies so that they can draw energy from these spirits.

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