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The Kanji tattoos


Overview – The Kanji Tattoos :

Kanji dates back to between 17,000 and 11,000 BC. It was found that the Kanji tattoos were first made on animal bones. The Japanese adopted the Kanji characters from the Chinese, and because of its mysterious shapes, the modern tattoo artists have adopted Kanji as a form of art. The variety of tattoo designs are mostly found in Japan and China where tattoos depict objects, such as, living being, quaint gothic creature, dragon or some exceptional scenes. These tattoos not only reflect beautiful designs, but the people wearing these believe that they are protected from any of the evil forces having effect on them.

Kanji is a set of characters which are used in the Japanese character set, and is said to have their origin from ancient China. The characters adopted by the Japanese had undergone modifications in many ways before it was introduced in the Japanese writing system. There have been changes as drastic as in their forms, meanings, and even pronunciation, representing things and customs belonging to the Japanese. The Japanese form of Kanji tattoos appear to be more popular than the Chinese ones. People seem to choose the Japanese form of Kanji tattoos simply because it has more appeal than the Chinese ones.


What is Japanese Kanji?

The Japanese Kanji is a set of characters which are ideographic alphabets representing concepts and ideas. These Japanese characters have distinctive difference with alphabets found in English language featuring form, sound, and meaning, and for this most of the western tattoo enthusiasts are attracted towards Japanese Kanji symbols. The pronunciations of the Japanese Kanji symbols vary in more than two ways, and it becomes confusing for a non-native person to pronounce the characters as it should be.

There are approximately 50,000 Kanji characters and not all need to be remembered to read Newspapers and magazines. It is sufficient to memorize atleast 2,000 of Kanji characters, but it is essential that one also have the knowledge of both Katakana and Hiragana to fully understand what is written. When the word Kanji is translated it literally means "Han's characters", which is the name given to a form of scripts in Japanese language.

The flowing shapes and its mysterious symbols have made Kanji ideal for tattoos in the Western world, and people would like to wear those Kanji symbols which are easily recognized. The others would wear the ones which may not be understood, but would be nice to look at.

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